Deep Wheel Orcadia (2022)

A live string quartet soundtrack to accompany Harry Josephine Giles sci-fi novel book reading performance. Commissioned by and performed at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2022. Joined by Catriona Price (violin), Kate Miguda (violin), Marsailidh Groat (viola), and produced by Scissor Kick Productions.

Planetarians (2021-)

Accompanying solo cello to moving image by Ellie Kyungran Heo, LUX Moving Image, London. November 2021.

Atzi + The Reverse Engineer (2016-)

This collaboration with electronic music artist Dave House (AKA The Reverse Engineer) sees ambient techno music unfold with all sounds sampled from the cello and the voice from Atzi. Performed at Syn Festival Edinburgh 2016, Hidden Door Festival Edinburgh 2017.

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (2015-)

with Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), 3rd Oct 2015

Performances include playing along with pioneers of free improvisation Sun Ra Arkestra, Keith Tippet, Marilyn Crispell, Gunter ‘Baby’ Summers, Maggie Nichols, Corey Mwamba, and Trevor Watts.

Universal Grammar, a commission by the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra was performed at the GIOfest VIII, a 3-day festival of improvised music at CCA, Glasgow, Saturday 28 November 2015.

Nyau Cinema (2017-)

A collaboration with London-based artist Samson Kambalu who draws on his experience of growing up in Malawi to explore ideas of creativity, time and play. Performance include Frieze Arts Festival, London, 2018.

Highlight Arctic Festival – Ideas of North (2017)

A commissioned score performed solo live at Glasgow CCA to the screening of films by Isobel Wylie Hutchison (1889 – 1982) – a pioneering Scottish female explorer, a poet, and a botanist. Featuring three short films – Kayak Rolling, The Great Jakobshavn Iceberg Bank and Flowers and Coffee Party at Umanak, depicting the scenery and life of indigenous people living in the arctics in the early 20th century. This piece was subsequently performed at An Crúbh, Skye, and at Eden Court, Inverness in December 2017.

Sàmhach String Quartet (2015)

‘Sàmhach’ means silence in Scottish Gaelic. The string quartet simply responds to the environment, wherever and whenever it may be. Tim Vincent-Smith (Sink), Kate Young (Songs of Separation) Mairi Campbell (Pulse) Atzi Muramatsu (Lipsync for a Lullaby).

Atzi Muramatsu and Fritz Welch (2017-)

A free improvisation duo with Atzi Muramatsu (cello) and Fritz Welch (percussion). Soon after a couple of gigs, the duo made a record CREATURE , recorded at the Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh by Owen Green on 11 September 2017.

 Jennifer Williams – After Economy (2017)

In collaboration with poet Jennifer Williams, responding to selected poems from new publication After Economy at her book launch event at the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.

Nocturn (2016)
Improvised solo cello in collaboration with landscape painter Rose Strang’s series of work – depicting glimmer of light in midst of darkness.

North (2015)
Improvised solo cello in collaboration with landscape painter Rose Strang’s series of work – based on scenery at the Scottish Borders.

West, North and East (2015)
A collaboration between painter Rose Strang, poet Jennifer Williams, and Atzi. It was recited at the Eigg Island exhibition at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, on 26 March 2015. Art (painting) by Rose Strang, poetry by J.L. Williams, and solo cello composition by Atzi Muramatsu.

Klauterfauk 2015)

@Hiddendoor Festival 2015

The trio Tim Vincent-Smith (violin, harmonograms, gas drum, water bottles), Graeme Miller (guitar, saw, bells and chimes), and Atzi (cello, bells) performed at Sharmanka Exhibition, Hiddendoor Festival, and Sound Lab in 2015.

Decagram Overture & Finale (2013)
An ambitious concept concert involving 3 locally acclaimed bands and a 16 piece orchestra, fully composed for the duration of 20 mins. Queenshall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013.

Noir 9 (2011)

Noir 9 fashion show by Zwart Creative Bureau which took place at the Summerhall, Edinburgh, 2011.

Lipsync for a Lullaby (2011-)

…is a band formed in Edinburgh, a string quartet (trio + drums). Led by composer/cellist Atzi, supported by friends he’s met during the years when he played solo shows in venues around the Scottish capital. Current members are: Atzi on vocals and Cello, Tim Vincent-Smith on Violin, David Townhill on Viola, and Scott Jamieson on the drums. Contemporary in sound, punk at its heart.

The gigs in Scotland include Decagram Queens Hall (2013), Limbo (2013) Kelburn Castle Garden Party (2011), Knockengorroch Festival(2011), Edinburgh Film Festival (2011), Hiddendoor Festival (2009, 2010, 2014), among other sell-out headlining acts. They are involved in various projects such an alternative score for cine-concert featuring pioneer of French new-wave Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) in association with The French Institute of Scotland, and in 2013 they were a part of collaborative concept concert Decagram, where the band saw its original orchestral material premiered during festive August at the Queens Hall, Edinburgh.