List of works

New Classical Composition

2019 Movement Concerto for Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra
2017Arctic Diary for solo cello and electronics, Highlight Arts commission. Performed at Glasgow CCA, April 2017, An Crubh, Skye and Eden Court, Inverness, December 2017.
2015Universal Grammar, performed by Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra at GIOfest 2015
2015Gaea Metempsychosis for string quartet performed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh
2011-2014performances by the Red Note Ensemble at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, and Summerhall, Edinburgh

‘Gaea Metempsychosis’ for string quartet, 2014
‘Cantos XXII’ for two cellos and synthesiser, 2014
I met you here for violin, cello, and bassoon, Noisy Nights, 2012
Maybe this is what it feels like when you sitting by the beach surrounded by the dead things for three cellos, Noisy Nights, 2011
2012If I can see you – a contemporary piece for a large orchestra

Film and TV Scores

2019Pity Party by Paul Black, BBC Scotland Production
2018 Sling Shot by Robin Haig, screened at Dallas International Film Festival, Cromarty Short Film Festival, Glasgow Short Film Festival.
2018The Mirror by Rob Zyweitz
2018Iroka, online advertisement for Avex, Japan
2017Have Heart by Will Anderson, nominee BAFTA 2018
2015I Am Not by Rosie Toner
2015The Violinist by Sergio Mangas. Winner Best Composer BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards 2016
2014Pikadero by Ben Sharrock. Nominee Best New Director San Sebastién International Film Festival 2015
2014Monkey Love Experiments by Will Anderson & Ainslie Henderson. Winner of Best Short Animation BAFTA Scotland 2014, nominee Best Short Animation BAFTA 2015
2014String arrangements for German feature film Die abhandene Welt by Margarethe von Trotta
201349, Republic of Malek, original score for a short documentary by Dorota Gaszczac
2013The Making of Long Bird by Will Anderson. Winner Best Short Animation BAFTA 2013
2012Teaparty by Vitali Schenava, ECA animation
2011Original score for Cinéconcert: Hiroshima Mon Amour by Alain Resnais. French Institute of Scotland comission, premiered at Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
2011Sound Explosion music video directed by Will Anderson, showcased at the Edinburgh International Film Festival
2009FeltusFeltus HZ-Kino by Joseph Feltus and Tobias Feltus, premiered at Whitecross Gallery, London. Shown at the Cannes Film Festival, 2010

Theatre Scores

2022Deep Wheel Orcadia, a live string quartet soundtrack to accompany Harry Josephine Giles sci-fi novel of the same title. Commissioned by and performed at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2022
2022Come and Go, a soundtrack for physical theatre piece by Helena Salgueiro, inspired by Samuel Becket’s piece of the same title
2020 – 2021(dis)sonance, a dance and music piece in collaboration with Olga Kay. Dancebase Residency in October 2021.
2019Impromptu, an improvised dance and music piece in collaboration with Olga Kay. Performed at Festival of Multiculturism, Edinburgh.
2018An original score for a untitled residency sharing with Mhairi Allan, Citymoves, Aberdeen
2016 – 2017Is To Finish by Fuora Dance Company. Performed at Cottiers Project 2016 and at Teatro Trieste, Piacenza, Italy, 2017.
2011 – 2015Between Us, solo cello score for choreography by Emma Snellgrove at E-Motion, performed at Dancebase, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, 2012 & 2015. Also performed at DanceLive Festival, Aberdeen, 2014
2015Place of Gargoyles, solo cello score for choreography by Steinvor Palsson WHOLLY:LAND, hosted by Dancebase at St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh Hogmany New Year celebration 2015
2014Gesture, solo cello score for choreography by Mhairi Allan, in response to photography by Colin Thom. DanceLive Festival, Aberdeen
2013 – 2014Bone Garden residency in collaboration with choreographer Tara Hodgson at Dancebase, Edinburgh, 2013. Performance at DanceLive Festival, Aberdeen, 2014
2014Red Hands Green Hands solo cello score for choreography by Emma Snellgrove, Dancebase, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
2014After Birth, in collaboration with Emma Snellgrove, at Inverleith Gallery, Edinburgh
2006Original score for The Love of The Nightingale by Theatre Paradok, Roxy Art House, Edinburgh.

Event Scores

2019Saturn , solo cello performance to a large painting Saturn by Rose Strang. Summer Hall, Edinburgh
2017Winter Series, solo cello performance of 12 short pieces accompanying 12 new paintings by Rose Strang. Whitespace gallery, Edinburgh
2016Boarders and Green woods, solo cello performances in response to the paintings by Rose Strang. Whitespace gallery, Edinburgh
2015Boarders and Green woods, solo cello performances in response to the paintings by Rose Strang. Whitespace gallery, Edinburgh
2015Isle of Eigg, in collaboration with painter Rose Strang. Sharing of string quartet piece Gaea Metempsychosis. Scottish Storytelling Centre
2013 – 2014Isle of Eigg, solo cello performances in response to the paintings by Rose Strang.
Whitespace gallery, Edinburgh. Second Performance at Marchmont Gallery exhibition opening, Edinburgh
2013DECAGRAM Overture and DECAGRAM finale, a full orchestral score for a 20 minute piece involving 10 bands and 16 piece orchestra. Premiered at the Queens Hall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
2012Original score for Noor, for cello and tabla. A dance production by Theatre Labyrinth, Scottish Story Telling Centre, Edinburgh
2011Music for Noir 9 fashion show, Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Cello Performances

2021Planetarians by Ellie Kyungran Heo, LUX Moving Image, London
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra GIOfest XIV, CCA Glasgow
2020Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble concert
2019Something Smashing
Score lines with Monika Smekot and Nina Enemark
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra GIOfest XIII
Coel’s Craic, with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, CCA Glasgow Glasgow Jazz Festival with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Creative Informatics showcase with Esther Swift and Dave House Siobhan Wilson, Summer Hall
Shorline of Infinity, Cimyra Festival, University of Edinburgh
2018Something Smashing
Sustain Your Errors, performance at exhibition and workshops by Cicely Farrer
Orcadiana by Harry Josephine Giles, OY Festival, Orkney
Millefiori, performance of a graphic score by Claire Docherty
Cover cellist for Damascus String Quartet, the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Arts Festival Siobhan Wilson, Pitlochry Folk Festival
2017Atzi + The Reverse Engineer at Syn Festival Edinburgh 2017, Hidden Door Festival 2017
2015From a Farrow Field, WWI memorial by Drew Mulholland, at Glasgow University Chapel
2013Ticky Ting, solo cello performance accompanying contemporary poetry piece by Ian Morrison at Syndicate, Inspace Gallery, Edinburgh
2013My Life and Poetry (&Perfume), solo cello and electric guitar duet at a reading event hosted by the Scottish Poetry Library at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens
2012‘Art Late’: PLEATS PLEASE Issey Miyake with Callum Innes, Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Recording Credits

2021Atzi and Zac Gvi: Borderlights
2020Atzi + The Reverse Engineer: Live at Syn Festival, Edinburgh, 2017
2019Zed Penguin: A Ghost, A Beast
Atzi Muramatsu and Fritz Welch: CREATURE
2018Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: Parallel Moments Unbroken
2017Sàmhach String Quartet: Sàmhach Quartet
Rab Noakes: The Treatment Tapes EP
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: The World For It Now
2013Lipsync for a Lullaby: The Lonely Blues
2012Zed Penguin: Clarinda Dressing on E.P. Red Tulip, Yellow Tulip
Steve Adey: The tower of silence
2011Tokamak: void-fi on E.P. KAMAKOT
2010Royal Edinburgh Music: Lost
Bob Hillary and the Massive mellow: I feel light on album Nature’s pace
2009Soraiya: Borderline of dreams on album Find Me There
Rodorigo Braga: Soothe and Onda Nova on album Between the waves